Travel stipends for DGMS Student members

Travel stipends are advertised and organized by the DGMS:

Stipends are open for application now!

DGMS student members who meet the guidelines can apply for DGMS travel stipends via the online form (only) on the DGMS Website (information in German only) before January 31, 2019.

Students applying for a travel stipend will receive a flat rate of 300 €.
Students from closer distance will receive a reduced flat rate of 200 €.
(“Closer distance” includes all German cities north of Hamburg, including Hamburg and Berlin as well!)

Importantly, students who apply for a travel stipend will have to confirm by signature – directly after the conference in Rostock – that no additional third-party financial support is available. Otherwise the travel stipend cannot be awarded. Please consider this additional amount of time, as there will be approx. 60 students to be processed!

 Additional announcements may be made during the conference in Rostock!

Matthias Letzel, DGMS treasurer