I. Workshops

The following workshops will be offered:

1) LC-MS by Marcel Kwiatkowski (m.d.kwiatkowski@rug.nl)
Two dimensional liquid chromatography in LC-MS applications.
The LC-MS workshop is focussed on two dimensional liquid chromatography (2D-LC) in combination with mass spectrometry. The workshop covers the basic concepts of two-dimensional liquid chromatography and latest developments of online 2D-LC-MS. Examples of application in the field of proteomics are presented and discussed.”

2) Affinity-MS by Michael Przybylski (michael.przybylski@stw.de)
The Special Interest Group “Affinity – Mass Spectrometry” fosters research activities and method development of affinity enrichment strategies combined with mass spectrometry.
This workshop will focus on

  • pre-fractionation methods for complex biological samples and analysis of low abundant molecules
  • affinity-based separation methods in mass spectrometric proteome research
  • immuno-affinity mass spectrometry using specific capture molecules
  • quantitative and functional analyses of protein-protein complexes by mass spectrometry

3) Core-facilities by Sabine Metzger (s.metzger@uni-koeln.de)

4) Lipidomics by Robert Ahrend (robert.ahrends@isas.de)
The workshop will offer a presentation of current tools developed in the LIFS consortium (de.NBI). The user will be guided how to develop a targeted assay for lipidomics. Therefore, different strategies for MS workflows such as SRM or PRM will be presented. The attendee will also get a brief overview about the do and don’ts using this strategies. We are looking forward to your attendance!